About Us

About She Leads Foundation

Empowering Women, One Step at a Time

  • Our Mission: To inspire and empower women to become leaders and change-makers in their communities by providing resources, education, and advocacy.
  • Global Strategic Vision:  She Leads Foundation, a global initiative under Operations Copilot L.L.C, registered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, strategically partners with companies, organizations, and nonprofits worldwide to advance gender equality. We offer specialized management consultancy services and comprehensive programs designed to empower women through leadership development, advocacy, and community support. Our mission is to drive systemic change and foster a more inclusive and equitable global society.

Our Story: She Leads Foundation was founded in 2023 by a passionate group of women and men committed to creating a world where gender equality is the norm. Recognizing the need for a supportive network that champions women’s rights and empowerment, they came together to form an organization dedicated to fostering leadership, promoting advocacy, and providing essential resources for women.

Our founders believe that true progress is made when both women and men stand as allies in the fight for gender equality. This collaborative spirit is at the heart of She Leads Foundation. We strive to build a community where everyone, regardless of gender, can contribute to and benefit from our programs and initiatives.

At She Leads Foundation, we believe that empowering women leads to stronger communities and a more equitable world. Join us as we continue to build a brighter future, one empowered woman at a time.